PLEIN 16 is a language package for young people aged 12 to 16 who are learning Dutch. The focus is on vocabulary acquisition and oral communication (speaking and listening). Plein 16 was written especially for teenagers and consists of fun relatable stories, songs, oral exercises, games and much more. It is an excellent motivating addition to more traditional school materials.

Plein 16 is mainly aimed at newcomers in the Netherlands and Flanders, but the course is suitable for all young people learning Dutch, all over the world.

HOTEL HALLO is a richly illustrated paperback full of exciting stories and fun songs. The lessons centre around Max and Mia, two curious nine-year-olds who have all kinds of fun adventures together with their parrot and the guests at Hotel Hallo. The book exists of 10 themes, like travel, school, health and friendship, that can be covered in no particular order. Hotel Hallo offers a great diversity of material to students: they get to read comic strips, listen to radio shows, open a storytelling chest, sing songs, put on plays, etc. A unique code in each book gives you access to the online materials, like songs, radioshows, printables and much more.

Our HOTEL HALLO workbook contains even more exercises and games to practice vocabulary. Like the textbook, the workbook is a lavishly illustrated paperback, so you can take it with you to practice anywhere: in the back seat of the car, to friends or on vacation.

NOG MEER HOTEL HALLO is the follow-up to the successful HOTEL HALLO.

Just like the first book, this book is guaranteed to provide hours of reading enjoyment. Max and Mia return to play host to a new group of surprising guests, which once again leads to some wild situations. And... Hotel Hallo welcomes a new resident: Sproet!

Nog meer Hotel Hallo was written with the same goal as the first book. It is intended for children between the ages of 5-11 who are beginning to learn Dutch. This book expands their vocabulary by means of exercises and cheerful themes like parties, animals and fairy tales.

New in this follow-up edition: Nog meer Hotel Hallo also contains poems, and the stories in Nog meer Hotel Hallo are read by Ramsey Nasr, former poet laureate of the Netherlands.

Get the workbook for even more exercises and games.

There are plenty songs about love, happiness and sunshine. But young people also experience many more emotions than joy. Disappointment, regret, sadness, grief and loneliness: these are all difficult but important emotions that can are not easy to talk about. The 10 sad songs (smartlappen) make these serious feelings approachable and provide students with the necessary vocabulary.

With these tearjerkers young and old can increase their vocabulary around emotions. It helps if you know the right words to express your feelings and to show compassion. These songs will help you talk about emotions in the classroom.